Older People's Day Services

Closed 12 Sep 2021

Opened 3 Aug 2021


Kensington and Chelsea Council and Westminster City Council provide a range of older people’s day services focused on supporting residents to maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Some of the services are more targeted at older residents who are independent and broadly speaking fit and healthy to help them stay that way.

Some services support older residents who already have more complex physical and cognitive conditions who may need care and support.

There are some services that support a mixed need of older adults from those that are independent and those that have more complex needs.

All the services provide a range of activities, designed around the needs and interests of residents.  Activities include physical exercise, music, art and crafts, conversation and games.

In 2019 we spoke to a wide range of people to understand what residents using services now and residents in the future might want to do.

Covid-19 impacted on the ability to use the findings from that work to inform future service provisions. We want to check if residents’ interests and wishes have changed.

Why your views matter

Further to the pandemic, we want to understand what residents now want from older people's day services, to help shape future service provision. All responses are handled in the strictest confidence. The closing date for responses is the 12.9.21

If you need help to take part in the survey please contract Ritu


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