Kensington and Chelsea's Consultation and Engagement Hub

Every year, Kensington and Chelsea has to make hundreds of decisions that affect the community. The Council is committed to put local people at the heart of decision making in everything we do. That's why we want your input. Feel free to browse the links below to find and take part in Kensington and Chelsea consultations and engagement activities, or search current and past consultations.

Open Consultations

Parking and Traffic Consultations

  • Hogarth Road - Road Humps

    This consultation seeks views on the proposed introduction of four sinusoidal road humps on Hogarth Road: More

    Closes 6 July 2022

  • Latimer Road - Road Humps

    This consultation seeks views on the proposed introduction of seven sinusoidal road humps on Latimer Road: More

    Closes 6 July 2022

  • Oakwood Court - Road Humps

    This consultation seeks views on the proposed introduction of five sinusoidal road humps on Oakwood Court: More

    Closes 6 July 2022

Closed Consultations

  • Draft Enforcement Policy

    Environmental Health has an enforcement role across a wide range of functions including Food Safety, Health and Safety, Trading Standards, Licensing, Private Sector Housing and Noise and Nuisance. Whilst the enforcement tools available to each team may differ depending on the legislation,... More

    Closed 19 June 2022

  • Citizens' Panel: Supporting children and young people in the borough

    It is a key priority for Kensington and Chelsea's Children's Services to ensure that more local people are shaping the services we provide. We are developing our three-year Children and Young People's Plan and we would like to hear from you about how you think we can better support children and... More

    Closed 7 June 2022

  • Selecting the Panel

    We asked an independent market research agency ( SMSR Research Ltd ) to recruit to the Citizens’ Panel on our behalf. SMSR were chosen due to their extensive experience of recruiting to Panels for other councils and public bodies. SMSR randomly selected residents to telephone and asked... More

    Closed 18 May 2022

  • Being a Citizens' Panel member - FAQs

    What is a Citizens ’ Panel? The Citizens' Panel is an online group made up of up to 2000 local residents from across Kensington and Chelsea who’ve agreed to give their views on a number of consultation topics... More

    Closed 18 May 2022

  • Completing Panel Surveys

    Citizens’ Panel surveys are only available for Panel members to complete. To ensure this, we ask that you provide the email address you gave when you were recruited for the Panel. Please be careful when completing this field as it should match the email address... More

    Closed 18 May 2022