Supporting children and young people in the borough

Closed 31 Aug 2022

Opened 30 May 2022


It is a key priority for Kensington and Chelsea's Children's Services to ensure that more local people are shaping the services we provide. We are developing our three-year Children and Young People's Plan and we would like to hear from you about how you think we can better support children and young people in the borough. 

Why your views matter

To explore how we can support children and young people in the borough, we have launched an online conversation where you can share your ideas for improving the lives of children and young people, see what other people have to say and comment on their ideas. 

To join the conversation you will need to register using an email address. This will be a one time registration meaning you will then be able to join all future online conversations if you wish. We also ask that you read the moderation policy on the site. Then you are good to go.

This conversation is just one of the ways we are engaging with stakeholders including children and young people, their carers and parents. We recognise that many of you will have children and young people in your lives and have views on what is best for them. Those of you without children will still have a view on how the lives of children and young people in the borough can be improved. 


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