A policy to support al fresco dining on streets and public spaces

Closed 31 Dec 2021

Opened 16 Nov 2021


The Council has long recognised the positive contribution that outdoor hospitality makes to enlivening our streets and creating attractive and successful places for residents and visitors to enjoy. During the pandemic, when indoor dining was restricted, the opportunity to eat outdoors was valued and enjoyed by many who live, work or spend time in the borough. The Government introduced, a new type of licence; called a Pavement Licence, to make it easier for hospitality businesses to operate on street. Many businesses seized on the opportunity to serve their customers outdoors. Al fresco (outdoor) dining terraces have generally been very well received, safe and inviting. They have served to support our hospitality businesses and in turn the borough’s local economy.

In Summer 2020 we modified our criteria for assessing proposals for tables and chairs on our footways to make it easier for businesses to provide seating outdoors. Using pavement licences, we also licensed ‘parklet terraces’ on ‘footway extensions’ created with traffic cones on suspended car parking bays. These temporary parklet terraces have been very popular and have served to enhance our streets and spaces adding to their attractiveness and vitality.

The Council wishes to encourage hospitality businesses to continue to trade outdoors after September 2022. The purpose of this consultation is to seek your views on proposals to achieve this.

Why your views matter

The Council proposes to adapt the current model of temporary parklet terraces to authorise attractive al fresco hospitality amenities, at suitable locations, on an annual basis. The Council would consider authorising parklet terraces on its streets during British Summer Time (i.e. from late March to late October) every year, a duration of approximately seven months.

Our consultation document “British Summer Time Licensing” includes essential design and management principles for parklet terraces (outdoor dining terraces on temporary footway buildouts). Are these the right ones?

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Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

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