Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) – Busking and Street Entertainment

Closed 14 Dec 2022

Opened 1 Nov 2022


The Council recognises the contribution and vibrancy that busking and street entertainment can make to the character of the borough. The Council also understands that this activity, at times, can have a negative impact on residents, businesses and visitors to the borough. This Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is designed to help manage a middle ground that allows busking and street entertainment to operate, in a way that everyone can enjoy.

The PSPO seeks to:

  • Promote good practice and considerate busking and street entertainment in the public realm that makes a positive contribution to the local street scene
  • Promote positive and considerate relationships between all those who share the public realm
  • Substantially reduce the detrimental impact that some busking and street entertainment is having in some parts of the borough 
  • Strike a balance between buskers and street entertainers, other pedestrians and road-users and the local community (residents, visitors, workers, businesses and organisations)

The PSPO aims to address:

  • Excessive sound and amplification
  • Performance fatigue (performance in one location with little or no breaks)
  • Sound clash (multiple performances in close proximity)
  • Limited and repetitive repertoire
  • Performance timing (morning and evening performances are more likely to generate complaints from local residents whereas businesses mostly complain during working hours)
  • Obstruction of the pavement and road
  • Public safety                                                                                             


For further information on the Busking and Street Entertainment PSPO, please see the document below.

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Why your views matter

The Busking and Street Entertainment PSPO expires in 2022 and the Council is seeking to extend the order for a further three years.

In addition, a variation is proposed that allows buskers to use amplification in Portobello Road. The Market is a unique area, as it is a vibrant and busy location, especially on Friday and Saturday between 10am -2pm. Busking is already allowed on Portobello Road and this proposal seeks to add a variation to permit amplification on Friday and Saturday between 10am - 2pm.

If you have any queries, require a paper copy of the feedback survey, or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Cleaner Greener Cultural Services Department at or by phone on 020 7361 3001.



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