Change at the Council – a legacy from Grenfell

Closed 18 Dec 2022

Opened 9 Aug 2022

Results updated 22 Dec 2022

Thanks for sharing your views on how the Council can learn from Grenfell to change for the better.

Over 600 of you have joined the conversation so far and shared your ideas and suggestions. You’ve been clear about the scale of change that is needed and you’ve told us it starts with:

  • Listening to you and acting on what you say
  • Putting your safety and wellbeing first
  • Becoming a better landlord and focusing more on those who need most support.

If you haven’t yet done so, you can still join the conversation by emailing or contacting 07714 846092.

Look out for an update in January 2023 when we’ll be talking to you about what’s next and how we will act on your feedback.


The Grenfell tragedy has forever marked Kensington and Chelsea, our communities and the Council.

Bereaved, survivors and local people have challenged us to make sure that the lessons from Grenfell are never forgotten. We have heard clearly that they want us to use the learning from the tragedy to make Kensington and Chelsea the best council for all residents, and one which is led by its communities.

The Council is committed to meeting this challenge to be the best in light of, and because of, what happened at Grenfell. We have already heard many ideas about this over the past five years, including through the range of consultations that have taken place with the bereaved, survivors and local residents.

However, we think it’s important to give everyone an opportunity to tell us about what this means to them so that together we can build a shared vision for the future, a shared vision of what this might look like.



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