Chelsea Green - Proposed Improvements

Closed 30 Jun 2021

Opened 28 Apr 2021

Feedback updated 21 Oct 2021

We asked

We asked for your views on proposals to improve Chelsea Green. The key features of the proposed scheme were:

  • Permanent removal of traffic from the southern section of Elystan Street to provide more space for pedestrians and to connect directly with the green
  • Raised carriageways on Cale Street and Whitehead’s Grove adjacent to the green to help reduce traffic speeds
  • New crossing points to improve pedestrian access into the central green area
  • Removal of the railings around the area and the creation of more green space
  • More trees (subject to satisfactory site investigations)
  • Repaving in natural stone to provide pedestrian routes across the green and an area for shops and restaurants to spill out
  • New seating around the green
  • CCTV to help deter anti-social behaviour
  • A feature, such as a fountain, in the Green

You said

We received 184 completed questionnaires. Of these 88% supported the scheme and 62% also supported the inclusion of a fountain. We also received 21 separate emails commenting on the proposals.

Although there was considerable support for the scheme there was some concern regarding the reduction in the number of parking and loading spaces around the periphery of the green, particularly from local businesses.

We did

We have met local traders to discuss their concerns and have subsequently amended the proposals, particularly for deliveries, whilst retaining the integrity of the scheme and without having a negative effect on road safety. We will now be embarking on detailed design of the revised scheme and expect to start work in Spring 2022

Results updated 21 Oct 2021



During the last few weeks we have been working with the Chelsea Green Working group to develop a proposal to improve Chelsea Green, to provide a focal point for the local community to enjoy. We have listened carefully to the suggestions and concerns raised by the working group and now feel that we have a scheme that fulfils all the requirements and addresses all the areas of concern.

We would now like to hear if the local community would like us to implement the scheme. This scheme will be funded from the Council’s car Parking Reserve. This is a funding stream which can only be used for maintenance of our highways or for environmental improvement schemes such as this. 

To make your views known please complete the attached questionnaire, detach it from the booklet and return it to us by 10 June 2021. This survey will run for a period of six weeks, and will close on 10 June 2021 – your participation in this consultation is voluntary. Should you choose to respond, information about how your data will be processed can be found at the bottom of the questionnaire at the end of this document.

What happens next

If the local community is in favour of the proposal we will continue to develop the design and programme the works to start in autumn 2021. The scheme is likely to take approximately 12 weeks to complete but we will work with residents and businesses to minimise disturbance. If the proposals are rejected, the funds that the council has identified for this project would be used for other highway or environmental schemes elsewhere in the borough.


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