Community Leadership Programme - Year Two

Closed 9 Apr 2021

Opened 18 Feb 2021

Feedback updated 3 Jun 2021

We asked

Kensington and Chelsea Council has been working with local residents and providers to deliver the Community Leadership Programme.

With three years of the Grenfell Recovery Programme remaining, we recently launched a consultation to understand people’s views on the Community Leadership Programme. The consultation ran from 18 February 2021 - 9 April 2021. We received 80 survey responses and also held a series of stakeholder engagement activities between November 2020 and April 2021 which included: one stakeholder focus group; feedback from 14 Community Leadership Programme providers; community conversations with 12 local residents; and engagement with the youth forum about how the CLP can be improved to develop young people as leaders.

You said

  • More than half of respondents said that they learnt new things whilst taking part in a Community Leadership Programme (CLP) course and 49 per cent said that the CLP helped them think about what they can offer to the wider community
  • Residents wanted courses and training to focus on fundraising, budget management, IT and community and bid writing
  • Respondents were keen to have a combination of a resident-led steering group and an online voting process to decide what courses should be delivered as part of the CLP
  • Respondents would like to receive information about the CLP through the Council’s social media platforms, texts, WhatsApp groups and face-to-face meetings. Many respondents felt that the website was the best place to get information about the CLP
  • The need for improved marketing of the CLP to engage more residents

We did

What’s next

  • A series of Community Leadership Programme recommendations were discussed by Leadership Team in May
  • Increase the marketing of the Community Leadership Programme to engage a wider audience of local residents
  • Advertise and recruit local people to be part of the Resident Led Panel to co-steer operations of the Community Leadership Programme 2
  • Ensure Community Leadership Programme 1 is complete before we embark on Community Leadership Programme 2 

Results updated 1 Jun 2021



We are now two years into the Council’s five-year Grenfell Recovery Strategy and we're keen to build on the excellent work done by local people in North Kensington in developing community resilience. 

The next Community Leadership Programme will launch in April 2021. We want to build on the successes of the first year of the programme, and the online programme by working with the community to design the new offer. We have had some really good initial feedback, but we are keen to hear from as many people as possible.

What have we heard so far?

  • The community needs to lead on the design of future programmes, and identify the courses the community needs
  • People have had difficulty accessing online courses due to limited access to digital devices, internet connection, or knowledge of tech
  • The courses on offer need to be promoted and marketed more effectively
  • Courses need to be more flexible, and ensure they provide value for money

Your response to this survey will inform the next Community Leadership Programme.

This survey will close on Friday 9 April 2021.

Should you need support in another language, would like to request a paper copy of the survey, or would like someone to complete this on your behalf, please call or email: Kevin Ramsey on 07857 696791 or

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