Let’s talk about The Curve

Closed 7 Oct 2021

Opened 18 Aug 2021


The Curve’s Journey

The Curve originally provided emergency support for those affected by the Grenfell tragedy. Over time, and with hard work from the community, the services changed to provide 1:1 information advice and guidance; basic skills classes; language classes; and social events and activities for the residents of North Kensington, in line with their needs.

The Board of Governors' Statement

Your Curve

The Curve community provision is a valued community resource at the heart of the Grenfell Recovery programme providing the potential for endless opportunities and aspirations for local residents and communities in North Kensington. 

The Curve (as currently known) is firmly established on a vision ‘for the community, by the community and with the community,’ which is all about community empowerment through participation and involvement leading to a positive change in the lives of North Kensington residents. We want and expect all local residents to experience the benefits of positive change and wider opportunities to improve their lives and the lives of their families, particularly our young people so they can have the best chance to succeed in life. 

The community and the Board of Governors have always aspired for the Curve to secure a future legacy beyond the initial recovery timeframe and for this to be community led, community delivered and community based.  Securing a legacy for the community is a driving force as we know our communities need and deserve this. 

Since the Curve was established, it has evolved to respond to wider challenges and we have all experienced the impact of the Covid pandemic and the challenges this has brought with it. 

The Curve as a vital community resource can work with local residents and communities to create, extend and strengthen opportunities for recovery and legacy. Providing residents with better outcomes, improved quality of life and a stronger community.   

With the resources and capacity to deliver front line and developmental services for community we are strengthening our strategic plan to match our ambitions for the next 2.5 years to become a fixed item for our communities and to help to build upon individual and collective achievements.  

As a local community of leaders, professionals, individuals and families we have the confidence and ability to design and deliver community services that meet the needs of our community and to establish a strong platform so we can continue to expand and evolve into the longer term future, working collaboratively and constructively.  

Jacqui Haynes


Why your views matter

Deciding The Curve’s future

The lease for The Curve’s current premises, on Bard Road, is due to come to an end in June 2022 and so services will not be delivered from that site once the lease expires. 

The Curve’s Board of Governors aspiration is to ensure that the remaining budget of £1.3m is used to support those most affected by the Grenfell tragedy, with a much stronger connection to new and innovative initiatives that help the community to thrive. To fulfil this we need to ensure that The Curve’s future is shaped by you, the residents of North Kensington, while being mindful not to duplicate other community recovery initiatives such as the Grenfell Projects Fund, Community Leadership Programme and other existing support. We therefore, want to have a conversation with the community affected by Grenfell to hear what your aspirations are for the future of The Curve, while always remembering how The Curve came about and what it stands for.


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