Cycle Hangars September 2023

Closed 15 Oct 2023

Opened 4 Sep 2023

Feedback updated 18 Dec 2023

We asked

If the Council should introduce ten new cycle hangars in nine locations across the borough.

You said

73 responses supported the proposals in full, 7 supported in part and 32 objected to the proposals. 

We did

The Director for Transport and Regulatory Services, in consultation with the Lead Member for Planning, Place and Environment, has decided to proceed with the  hangars proposed in Bolton Gardens, Earl's Court Square (three units), Ladbroke Grove, Powis Square and Princedale Road.   The ward councillors have asked that the units proposed in Egerton Terrace and Whitehead’s Grove not proceed, and officers consider that the number of objections from residents suggest that the community do not wish to see this hangar installed in Stanley Gardens.

Results updated 18 Dec 2023

This consultation is now closed.  The consultation report is available below. 



Enabling more cycling is one of the Council’s borough transport objectives. Making travel by bicycle convenient for residents is one way to improve our air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and work towards our goal for the borough to be carbon neutral by 2040.

One of the ways we can make cycling easier is to provide cycle storage. Residents living in flats experience particular difficulty storing bicycles at home and much of the existing cycle parking on-street does not offer high levels of security. The Council regularly receives requests from residents for on-street cycle hangar units.

Example of a cycle hangar placed in the carriageway at the kerbside on a street.  The cycle hangar is shaped like a 'breadbin' opening on the footway side and has space for six bicycles within it.
An example of a cycle hangar in the borough

Cycle hangars are designed to provide more secure on-street cycle parking than short-stay parking such as Cyclehoops or Sheffield stands. Each on-street cycle hangar unit can provide space for six residents’ bicycles and can only be accessed using a key. The spaces are currently rentable at a cost of £72 per year and would be available for rent on a first come, first served basis.

We are consulting on introducing new cycle hangars in parking bays or on footway in the following locations:

Proposal Name No. Type Location 
Bolton Gardens 1 Residents' Parking  Outside no. 45 Bolton Gardens.
Earl's Court Square 2 Pay-by-Phone Bay Flank of 292 Earl’s Court Road, situated on Earl’s Court Square.
Earl's Court Square 1 Residents' Parking  Outside 49 Earl’s Court Square
Egerton Terrace 1 Residents' Parking  Flank of 75 Egerton Gardens, situated on Egerton Terrace.
Ladbroke Grove 1 Footway To the flank of The Lodge (Kensington Park Gardens) situated on Ladbroke Grove
Powis Square 1 Residents' Parking  Opposite the Tabernacle (on the garden square side).
Princedale Road 1 Single Yellow Line Flank of no. 3 Prince’s Yard, situated on Princedale Road
Stanley Gardens 1 Residents' Parking  Outside no. 7 Stanley Gardens.
Whitehead's Grove 1 Residents' Parking  Flank of Cranmer Court, situated on Whitehead's Grove (opposite 3 Whitehead's Grove)

What are the proposed changes?

Location plans for each new proposed cycle hangar(s) are provided below. Each hangar is around 2.6 metres in length, meaning each proposal is for approximately 3 metres of space - less than a car parking bay. Each hangar can hold six bicycles. Hangars are installed in the carriageway (unless otherwise stated), with the front feet mounted on the kerb, opening onto the pavement for access to the cycle stands inside.

Why your views matter

We are seeking your views on installation of more cycle hangar units in the borough. Your comments will help us decide whether to proceed with the proposals.

If you have any queries or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Sustainable Transport Team by email at or by phone at 020 7361 3766.


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