New Homes Delivery Programme - Edenham Round 3

Closed 20 Aug 2021

Opened 8 Jul 2021

Feedback updated 30 Sep 2021

We asked

For residents and stakeholders views on revised proposals for the site.

You said

Building heights

  • Two-thirds (66 per cent) ‘objected’ to the revised building heights.
  • A total of 14 per cent responded neutrally (neither supporting nor objecting) to the proposals.
  • A total of 12 per cent ‘supported’ the revised proposals.

Number of homes

Respondents were asked to comment on the revised proposals for 110 homes.

  • A total of 34 comments related to there being too many homes or not supporting the proposals.
  • Twelve comments related to concerns about infrastructure or facilities.
  • While 11 commented they would like to see a higher number/percentage of affordable/social rent homes.

New community space

From a list of choices, respondents ranked a health and wellness centre as their first choice for a new community space at the base of Trellick Tower, followed be a creative workspace.

Landscape provision

Respondents were asked to comment on the proposed landscape provision.

  • Fourteen commented against the landscape proposals.
  • However, 13 were in favour of the landscape proposals.

Ball court facilities

The most selected features that respondents would like to see in the ball court were: accessible to all users (43 per cent), improved lighting (41 per cent) and flexible for use by different sports (38 per cent).

 Graffiti provision

  • Half of respondents supported the proposal to retain existing graffiti walls as part of the landscape.
  • However, a quarter objected to this approach.

Trellick Garden

From a list of choices, respondents ranked new landscaping and trees and improved safety and security as their top choices for improvements for Trellick Garden.


  • Nearly a third (31 per cent) ‘objected’ to the proposed access route.
  • A quarter (25 per cent) responded neutrally (neither supporting nor objecting).
  • Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) ‘supported’ the proposed access route.

We did

We have also recently held landscape design workshops so that local residents could make suggestions about how they would like the outdoor space at Edenham designed.

 All of the proposals will now be submitted to planning for approval later this year where residents will be able to formally comment.

Results updated 30 Sep 2021



The Council is delivering 600 new homes including a minimum of 300 social rent homes, alongside open market homes to rent and other community and employment facilities as part of its New Homes Delivery Programme (NHDP).

We have consulted on the first four sites in Phase 1 of our NHDP and they have now received planning permission. These four sites – Acklam Road, 175-177 Kensal Road, 15-17 Hewer Street and 54 St Helens Gardens - will deliver 97 new homes. Work has now started on both Kensal Road and Hewer Street sites.


The NHDP has identified the site adjacent to Trellick Tower as a potential area to help deliver further new homes for the borough. This site, currently called Edenham, forms part of Phase 2 of the NHDP.

Why your views matter

Third round of consultation

Since the last round of consultation we have been working with the local community and other stakeholders to better understand their concerns and to develop a scheme that seeks to balance their views along with the pressing need for new homes in the borough.

We have:

  • Reassessed the proposed scheme resulting in a reduction from 168 to 110 homes. We have also reduced the height of the two previously tallest parts of the scheme.
  • Retained the large section of the graffiti wall near “the beach” after hearing from The Writers that this was important to them.
  • Considered different locations for a re-provided ball court. Previously we intended to integrate a ball area within the central landscaped area.

We are now holding an additional round of consultation to share the updated plans and give residents more time to comment.

You can attend one of three consultation events:

Online event

In-person event

  • Saturday 17 July from 10am to 12pm

Outside Trellick Tower main entrance, Golborne Road

In-person event

  • Saturday 24 July from 10am to 12pm
  • Outside Trellick Tower main entrance, Golborne Road

The updated proposals for the Edenham scheme are outlined in a video presentation. We encourage you to watch the video before attending either our in-person or online live chat sessions however this is not essential. View the presentation on our website.

Know someone who can’t get online?

If you know someone who is unable to access the internet, we can arrange for a hard copy of the presentation and feedback form to be sent to them by post. You can also request the consultation materials in another language. Please call 07739 317 294 Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm.



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