Elm Park Gardens (east and west arms) - Proposed sinusoidal road hump traffic calming

Closed 10 Sep 2023

Opened 24 Jun 2023


Please read the following information carefully before filling in our consultation survey below, no later than 10 September 2023.

Following a successful application for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funding by the Elm Park House Residents Committee, to introduce traffic calming in Elm Park Gardens (east and west arms), the Council is now seeking the views of local residents on the proposals.

A portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is to be spent on local priorities; this is called Neighbourhood CIL (NCIL)This is a fund the Council collects from developments and is required to be spent in consultation with local communities in each ward.

The successful NCIL application requested the following traffic control measures:

  • Traffic calming using sinusoidal road humps, to reduce traffic speeds.

Stanley ward councillors Will Pascall, Josh Rendall and Kim Taylor-Smith supported the application and subsequently approved the proposal for consultation.

Traffic calming proposal (using sinusoidal road humps):

The proposal is to install seven sinusoidal road humps in Elm Park Gardens - four on the east arm and three on the west arm. The approximate positions of the road humps and associated signs can be seen in the plan linked below.

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Road humps with a sinusoidal profile are similar to round-top road humps but have a shallower initial rise. They minimise the potential noise impact of vehicles, particularly larger ones, passing over them. The profile also provides a more comfortable ride for cyclists. The sinusoidal profile is now the preferred standard for road humps in the Borough.

It is important to avoid leaving large gaps between humps, as this can lead to drivers accelerating between them and then braking hard. The humps proposed are between 40 and 70 metres apart, to encourage drivers to keep to a consistent speed as they negotiate them, thereby minimising any associated noise and emissions. The spacing of the humps will vary slightly as they need to be placed away from metal covers in the road and residents' driveways.

You can view examples of recently installed sinusoidal road humps in Drayton Gardens (SW10), Egerton Gardens (SW3) and Ovington Gardens (SW3).

Why your views matter

Your Councillors are keen to hear your views, so this is the chance for you to have your say on this proposal.

If you would like to support or object to these proposals, or make any other comments in respect of them, please complete the short survey below by  10 September 2023.

The Council’s Director for Transport and Regulatory Services will consider all the comments received, in consultation with Stanley ward councillors and the Lead Member for Planning, Place and Environment, before deciding on whether to proceed. 

If you would like the survey in another language or format, please email traffic@rbkc.gov.uk


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