Draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

Closed 21 Dec 2023

Opened 9 Nov 2023

Feedback updated 14 Mar 2024

We asked

For your views on the draft Strategy.

You said

Following the various consultation activities, a consultation summary report was produced and modifications to the draft Strategy were made. These changes consider the comments and views of various stakeholders and deliver a strategy that has the support of those affected by flooding. 

We did

The main changes to the strategy following consultation are:

  • More information has been included in the Strategy on the impact of flooding on disabled people in the Borough.
  • The Action Plan has been updated to identify the priority of each action.
  • An action has been included in the Action Plan to require Thames Water to provide an annual summary of planned and completed investment in the Borough so that sewer flood risk can be effectively monitored.
  • There is a greater emphasis on the potential for Garden Squares to hold water and reduce surface water flood risk to the wider community.
  • More information has been included in the Strategy to set out the potential implications of the Government implementing Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act, which would place additional burdens on the Council.
  • Some of the unnecessary jargon in the Strategy has been removed or clarified further in the glossary

Results updated 14 Mar 2024



The Council is updating its Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and is seeking views on the Draft Strategy and Action Plan.

The Draft Strategy is the culmination of detailed investigations and reviews into the significant flooding that affected hundreds of properties across London in July 2021. The Council is grateful for the continued constructive input from residents and community representatives on this important issue.

Why your views matter

Have your say on how flood risk is managed in the borough by following the below link.


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