Gloucester Road Proposed Improvements

Closed 5 Jul 2023

Opened 23 May 2023

Feedback updated 11 Oct 2023

We asked

We asked residents local residents for their views on Council proposals to improve the streetscape around Gloucester Road.

You said

The majority of respondents supported the proposals, although a number of comments and suggestions for improvement were made.

We did

Following consultation with the local community we are proposing to make some modifications to the initial proposals to address concerns raised and we are currently preparing a Key Decision Report for approval of the revised scheme.

In addition to the public realm proposals which were the focus of the consultation, the scheme also involves improvements to the signal controlled junctions at each end. We are currently working with Transport for London (TfL) on the design for these two junctions.

The next stage will be to develop designs for the plaza area outside the station and the area on the west side of the Cromwell Road junction where we propose to remove the existing left turn filter lane. Construction is unlikely to start until Autumn 24, subject to approvals.


Gloucester Road is an important focal point within South Kensington, but many of you have told us that the section south of Cromwell Road in Courtfield ward has got a bit shabby and run down.

We have been pressing the Council to improve the streetscape and we are delighted that the Council’s leadership has listened. A draft design has been worked up over the last three years with helpful involvement from local residents’ associations to narrow down the initial options.

The Council has identified funding to implement the proposal, but we would now like to know what you think of it. The streetscape work would be done alongside improvements to the Cromwell Road pedestrian crossings and minor changes to the Harrington Gardens/Stanhope Gardens junction to accommodate a new bus design for the No 49 route, but this consultation focusses only on the streetscape element. Please do have a look through the proposal and respond to tell us your views so we can take forward a final design that will make a big positive difference to our local area.

Janet Evans, Greg Hammond, Quentin Marshall

Councillors for Courtfield Ward


The length of Gloucester Road between its junctions with Cromwell Road in the north and Harrington Gardens/Stanhope Gardens in the south is a busy street with shops, an underground station, bus stops served by buses running every 10-12 minutes in both directions and many people passing through by car, on foot or by bike. Combined with delivery vans and scooters and parked cars, the road can become congested and unattractive.

Ward councillors were therefore keen to investigate possibilities of improving the public realm, to make it more attractive and more welcoming. In March 2020 residents put forward their ideas at a well-attended meeting held by the ward councillors and, following that, some initial options were developed for discussion.

We have now refined these initial ideas and, with the help of ward councillors and local residents, we have developed an option that we think will improve this part of Gloucester Road. We would now like to hear the views of the local community on these proposals.

What are the proposals?

The main features of the proposed scheme, are:

  • Widened footway on the east side to provide more space for pedestrians
  • Edge of carriageway treatment to make the road feel narrower
  • Widened pedestrian crossing, raised to footway level
  • New trees to add greenery and help combat pollution.
  • Redesign of the plaza area at the junction with Courtfield Road, to create a better space
  • Existing raised table at the junction with Courtfield Road lengthened to improve access for cyclists

In tandem with this scheme, Transport for London (TfL) is also looking at changes to the Cromwell Road junction and the junction with Harrington Gardens and Stanhope Gardens which would tie in with our proposals. These changes are shown on the illustrative plan, but this consultation concentrates on the length of road between the two junctions.

This scheme will be funded from the Council’s Car Parking Reserve. This is a funding stream which can only be used for maintenance of our highways or for environmental improvement schemes such as this.

To make your views known please email by 5 July 2023.

This plan shows the proposed changes. A widened footway on the east side between the junction with Cromwell Road and the southbound bus stop layby, and new trees on both sides of the road. The existing pedestrian crossing north of the station entrance widened and raised to improve pedestrian access and reduce the speed of traffic. The plaza area on the west side of the road at the junction with Courtfield Road redesigned to create a stronger functioning place and place shaping design. The raised table at this junction extended to improve access for cyclists. The existing bus stop laybys on both sides of the road retained to mitigate congestion, provision for parking and loading/unloading south of the bus stops with the edge of the carriageway treated so that when no vehicles are parked the carriageway still feels narrow. South of this, footway widening on both sides of the road by approximately 1.5m and new trees  The changes at the junctions with Cromwell Road and Old Brompton Road are subject to TfL agreement and do not form part of this consultation. They are, however included in this illustration for completeness.  At the Cromwell Road junction the changes include pedestrian facilities and crossing phase on all arms of the junction and the removal of the filter lane to create a strong public realm and improve pedestrian permeability. At the Old Brompton Road junction the changes involve narrowing the junction on all four corners to provide more room and shorter crossing distances for pedestrians and a straighter path for cyclists.

Details of what is covered in this plan is described in the alternative text provided in the previous image.

Why your views matter

What Happens Next?

If the local community is in favour of the proposal we will continue to develop the design and programme the works to start in 2024. We will work with residents and businesses to minimise disturbance.

If the proposals are rejected, the funds that the council has identified for this project would be used for other highway or environmental schemes elsewhere in the borough.

Information can be made available in alternative formats and different languages upon request.

If you have any queries about the proposals, please contact or contact us on 020 7361 3001

This is a sketch looking south from a viewpoint north of Gloucester Road underground station. It shows the widened footway, new trees on both sides of the road and the upgraded pedestrian crossing.


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