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Closed 9 May 2021

Opened 29 Mar 2021

Feedback updated 13 Aug 2021

We asked

In December 2020, the Council committed to working with local residents to establish a £1m new Grenfell Housing Legacy Fund as part of our Grenfell Recovery programme. The aim of the fund is to support Housing initiatives for residents living within Council owned properties or placed by the Council in temporary accommodation in Notting Dale ward.

We committed to ensuring that the fund is resident-led, and that residents have the opportunity to put forward their ideas and to make decisions about which projects receive funding. The fund is part of our commitment to establishing a long-term sustainable legacy from the Grenfell tragedy which is community-led and meaningful to local people.

In March 2021, we launched a six-week consultation with all eligible residents to ask for their views about the key themes for the fund and their ideas for how it would work best. We wrote to all eligible residents and held a number of pop-up events on estates in the ward.

You said

  • Residents expressed support for all of the proposed themes, with the most popular being for projects that increase economic opportunities for residents, achieving a 70 per cent approval rating and community safety projects, receiving approval from 67 per cent of respondents
  • Residents had ideas for other themes, including a focus on green spaces and opportunities for children and young people.
  • People asked for support in developing pitches and writing proposals.
  • Residents expressed a preference for an online voting system but had concerns about people who did not have access to technology.
  • Residents raised a range of issues which fall outside the scope of the fund, including increasing housing stock and refurbishing existing stock.

We did

We will

  • Keep a broad range of themes, adapting them to reflect some of the ideas we heard, including adding a focus on the environment and green spaces and a new theme around opportunities for children and young people.
  • Give people time to develop proposals, providing targeted support for those who might wish to submit an idea, using learnings from other participatory budgeting initiatives across the Council.
  • Simplify the bid writing process to make it as easy as possible for those who would like to submit a proposal without prior experience.
  • Develop a voting system for each estate or group of properties which will allow people to vote online or offline, with ballots mailed out to all residents to ensure the process is fair, accessible and transparent.

Proposed themes

Residents will be able to submit proposals under any of these themes:

  • Projects that increase economic opportunities for residents
  • Projects that focus on sustainability, the environment, and green spaces
  • Projects that focus on community safety
  • Projects that promote inclusion and accessibility
  • Projects that promote residents having their own voice
  • Projects that provide opportunities and support for Children and Young People

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Results updated 13 Aug 2021



What is the Housing Legacy Fund?

The Council has set aside £1m over the next three years for the creation of a new Housing Legacy Fund.

The funding comes from the ringfenced Grenfell Recovery budget that was previously used to support temporary accommodation costs for those affected by the tragedy. It is separate from mainstream Council funding and is specifically for initiatives that seek to build a positive local legacy from the Grenfell tragedy that is meaningful to local people.

Who is Housing Legacy Fund for?

This initiative is for residents living in a Council owned property in the ward of Notting Dale, this includes both properties that are part of estates as well as non-estate properties.  Residents that are in temporary accommodation in the Notting Dale ward will also form part of this initiative. 

As such we will be allocating funding on a per property basis and properties will then be grouped together. For those living on estates, the estates will form the natural ‘group’, and we have some questions for residents of small blocks, street properties and temporary accommodation as how best they could be grouped.

Why your views matter

We want to ensure that local people can influence the support that is available to them and that they are at the heart of decision making. Within each group, residents will have the opportunity to put forward their ideas for projects and will be able to decide which ones are funded.

We have spoken to Residents’ Associations across the Notting Dale ward about the fund and have incorporated their feedback into the current proposals. We would now like to hear from a wider group of residents on the following three areas:

  • What kinds of projects would you like to see supported by the fund?  
  • How can we ensure the process for selecting proposals is fair, inclusive and accessible?
  • What kind of support can we provide to residents to put forward proposals?

We will use your feedback to guide the criteria that proposals will need to meet. Residents will then be able to put forward ideas for specific projects before deciding which ones are funded. 

If you would like to complete this survey in a different language or format, please contact housingconsult@rbkc.gov.uk or phone 07812 484 125


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