Grenfell Projects Fund 2: Cultural and Artistic Projects

Closed 8 Mar 2022

Opened 22 Feb 2022


The Grenfell Projects Fund (GPF) is a grant programme that seeks to build on North Kensington’s community-led recovery following the Grenfell fire. The programme awards funding to organisations based in North Kensington’s seven wards to support residents who have been most affected.

The second round of the Fund has been co-designed by a Resident-led Panel, which is made up of volunteers from across North Kensington to ensure the recovery, education and wellbeing of the local community lies at the core of the funding process.

In this round, there is a pot of £600k being distributed to projects that directly support residents in any of North Kensington’s seven wards. However, an additional £600k is available to experienced providers who have the potential to increase capacity and deliver their project over a three-year period.

Why your views matter

For the second round of the Fund, the Resident-led Panel has decided that funding will be distributed to projects that sit under one of the five categories listed below.

  1. Wellbeing for all North Kensington residents (regardless of race, age, disability, gender, and/or sexual orientation)
  2. Educational and training opportunities (to increase skills, knowledge, enterprise, and qualifications that will support individuals accessing either paid or voluntary employment, or further study)
  3. Cultural and artistic projects and events that bring people together and increase connections across North Kensington
  4. Meeting essential needs (including economic, safety, food, shelter, welfare, human rights and legal needs)
  5. Environmentally friendly projects that support community growth and independence (including projects that focus on gardening, cooking, recycling or the sharing and swapping of everyday items)

To help us decide which projects receive funding, we’re inviting North Kensington residents to view video presentations of projects from each category and cast their votes via our online voting platform. This participatory vote will count for 30 per cent of each project’s overall score, with the remaining 70 per cent allocated by a scoring panel made up of the Resident-led Panel and the Council’s Grenfell Community Team. These scores will then be collated to decide how the funding is distributed. 

This voting platform is devoted to projects in the cultural and artistic projects and events that bring people together and increase connections across North Kensington category. You can view and take part in voting for each of the other categories by visiting the dedicated Grenfell Projects Fund page on the Council's website.


  • Colville
  • Dalgarno
  • Golborne
  • Norland
  • Notting Dale
  • Pembridge
  • St. Helen's


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