Tree planting in Harcourt Terrace

Closed 10 Mar 2021

Opened 27 Jan 2021

Feedback updated 2 Jun 2021

We asked

We asked for views on the proposal to convert four three metre long sections of residents’ parking to tree pits and double yellow lines along Harcourt Terrace.

You said

We had ten objections and 18 letters of support to the proposal. The details of the objections and the Council’s response to the objections can be found in the decision report.

We did

We have made the proposal permanent, but we are proposing to convert a total of three Pay-by-Phone visitor parking bays in Harcourt Terrace to residents’ parking to compensate for this loss of parking. We are also proposing converting residents parking in The Boltons and Tregunter Road to six Pay-by-phone bays to increase the amount of visitor parking in the area. These proposals to the change in parking will be consulted upon in June 2021.

Results updated 3 Jun 2021



A local ward Councillor has requested that the Council plant four new trees in Harcourt Terrace to aid carbon reduction and add to the appearance of the street with increased greenery.

This would require small build outs into the carriageway to accommodate tree pits, and the loss of some residents’ parking space, equivalent to parking for two and a half cars. 

Why your views matter

As such, we are consulting on the changes to the Traffic Management Order that would be required if the proposal for the new trees goes ahead.

We are inviting comments on the proposals which can seen in detail on the Traffic Management Orders Website.

More information on the proposals can be obtained from and comments sent to before the 10 March 2021.


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