Holland Road Tree Pits

Closed 11 Jul 2021

Opened 15 Jun 2021


Residents have told us that they want more trees planted in the Borough. We are considering Holland Road as a possible location for more trees, in light of the relatively few trees in the street at the moment. It is hoped that the trees would help make the streets more attractive, increase biodiversity, improve air quality and fight pollution.

As the ground under the pavements is generally taken up by vaults and utilities, one option is to have planting places built into the road space in parking spaces on the east side of the road. Typically we would need to remove about 2.5 m of parking for each tree, equivalent to half a car length,  as most cars need about 5 m of space on average. There are roughly 28 resident parking spaces on the east side of Holland Road, south of Lower Addison Gardens and north of Russell Road.

Why your views matter

This survey is intended for the residents of Holland Road and nearby streets only.

Please answer some questions to help the Council understand whether these ideas would be supported by residents. Whether or not respondents are car owners or resident's permit holders won't be a determining factor on whether we progress these plans (which would require a further formal consultation on specific proprosals) but helps us gather more complete data.

If you require this survey in an alternative format (e.g. information in hard copy or in an alternative language) please contact activetravel@rbkc.gov.uk


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