June 2022 Miscellaneous Parking, Waiting and Loading Amendments

Closed 27 Jul 2022

Opened 15 Jun 2022

Feedback updated 20 Sep 2022

We asked

We asked for views on 64 proposals in the June 2022 Miscellaneous Parking Changes

You said

We had a total of 119 objections, 91 letters of support (12 of these were support in part only) and three comments on 20 of the proposals.  These included Addison Road, Arundel Gardens, Clarendon Cross, Darfield Way, Eardley Crescent, Ifield Road, Kensington Square, Ladbroke Crescent, Launceston Place, Lennox Gardens, Lexham Mews, Onslow Square, Pottery Lane, Queen’s Gate Gardens, Redcliffe Square, St Mark’s Road, Shrewsbury Street, Uverdale Road, Vicarage Gate and Walmer Road.

We did

We amended the proposals for Kensington Square, Launceston Place, Lexham Mews. For Kensington Square, the Council decided only to convert the southernmost Pay-by-phone visitor parking bay instead of the proposed two bays.  For Lexham Mews, the Council decided to convert 5 metres of single yellow line, rather than the proposed 6 metres.  For Launceston Place, the Council have dropped the proposals relating to visitor motorcycle bays and amended that only one space of residents’ parking will be converted to a Pay-by-phone visitor parking bay.  We proceeded with all of the other proposals except that we did not proceed with Lennox Gardens, Pottery Lane and Shrewsbury Street and have deferred the decision on Arundel Gardens, Ifield Road, Redcliffe Square and Vicarage Gate. This web page will be updated with that decision when it has been made.


This consultation seeks views on various proposed changes to parking, waiting and loading restrictions across the borough in the following streets:

Addison Avenue, Addison Road, Arundel Gardens, Bard Road, Basil Street, Beaufort Street, Blenheim Crescent, Brunswick Gardens, Cavaye Place, Chelsea Bridge Road, Chesterton Road, Cheyne Row, Christchurch Street, Clarendon Cross, Clarendon Road, Darfield Way, De Vere Gardens, Draycott Avenue, Duchess of Bedford’s Walk, Eardley Crescent, Edith Grove, Egerton Terrace, Elkstone Road, Exmoor Street, Fernshaw Road, Finborough Road, Flood Street, Hazlewood Crescent, Holland Park, Ifield Road, Kempsford Gardens, Kensal New Town Estate, Kensington Court, Kensington Square, Ladbroke Crescent, Lansdowne Crescent, Launceston Place, Lennox Gardens, Lexham Mews, Longridge Road, Lower Addison Gardens, Lower Sloane Street, Melbury Road, Nevern Square, Onslow Square, Pavilion Road, Peel Street, Pembridge Place, Penzance Place, Phillimore Gardens, Pimlico Road, Pottery Lane, Queen’s Gate, Queen’s Gate Gardens, Redcliffe Road, Redcliffe Square, Royal Hospital Road, St Mark’s Road, Shalcomb Street, Shrewsbury Street, Sloane Street, Southern Row, Stafford Terrace, Sutton Way, Sydney Place, Thurloe Street, Tite Street, Uverdale Road, Vicarage Gate, Walmer Road and Whitehead’s Grove

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Why your views matter

Comments on the proposals are invited.

More information on the proposals can be obtained from and comments sent to trafficorders@rbkc.gov.uk before 27 July 2022.


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