Kensington High Street business needs

Closed 4 Dec 2020

Opened 21 Sep 2020

Feedback updated 9 Mar 2021

We asked

Between 11 September 2020 until 4 December 2020, we asked businesses and landlords for their views on the future of the High Street in Kensington. 19 people in total responded.

You said

  • Local residents (seven), local visitors (five) and international visitors (four) were seen as the top customer bases pre-Covid by respondents.
  • Nine repsondents felt their future clients would be different to pre-Covid19; though a further nine felt that their future clients would not be different.
  • Marketing strategy and improvements to traffic management/parking arrangements were all cited as ways the Council could improve its offer to businesses.
  • Respondents wanted to see a reduction of vehicular traffic (six), followed by initiatives to encourage walking/cycling (five) and encourage(ing) electric vehicles (four).

We did

The results have helped provide a useful insight into understanding how businesses along KHS are operating, and what their initial understanding of their situation might be post Covid. It has contributed towards Kensington High Street learning paper, which was presented to Lead Members and will continue to help inform Phase 2 of the Kensington High Street programme.


This survey will help us to improve our understanding of how your business needs may have changed following the first COVID lockdown. We want to understand the needs of business owners and landlords alike so we can begin to help with recovery.

Why your views matter

We want to understand the travel needs of staff and businesses on the High Street. We are keen to develop knowledge of what would make the High Street more sustainable and how would you would prefer to be communicated with.


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