Lexham Mews – Experimental provision of one-way system

Closed 25 May 2021

Opened 25 Nov 2020


A one way system is being put in place on an experimental basis to provide a one-way system throughout Lexham Mews, requiring all vehicles except for pedal cycles to proceed in the direction leading from Lexham Gardens to Radley Mews (this will involve providing a no entry into Lexham Mews at its junction with Radley Mews for all vehicles except pedal cycles and banning the right turn from Radley Mews (north to south arm) into Lexham Mews for all vehicles except pedal cycles).

Why your views matter

We are keen to understand how the one-way system is working in practice.

You can read more information on the proposals on the Council's Traffic Order Website.

More information on the proposals can also be obtained from, and comments sent to, trafficorders@rbkc.gov.uk before the closing date.


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