New Local Plan Review (NLPR) - Publication Policies (Regulation 19)

Closed 22 Dec 2022

Opened 27 Oct 2022

Feedback updated 23 May 2023

We asked

The Council has been working on a New Local Plan Review (NLPR) since late 2020.

You said

Following four rounds of public consultation, on 1 February 2023 Full Council approved the NLPR for submission to the Secretary of State for examination.

We did

The NLPR was submitted to the Secretary of State on 8 February 2023 and all the details are available on the Council website


The Council is undertaking a New Local Plan Review (NLPR) and has now reached the "Publication" stage. We have undertaken three previous consultations before reaching this stage. 

In this final consultation on "Publication Policies" we are asking whether the policies satisfy the tests of soundness which are set out in paragraph 35 of the National Planning Policy Framework and are replicated in the response form.

The next stage will be to submit the NLPR to the Secretary of State who will appoint an Inspector to examine the Plan. All comments received at this stage will be passed on to the Inspector who will examine the Plan. 

Why your views matter

Based on what you have told us in previous consultations, the NLPR sets out a Green, Inclusive and Liveable vision for future development over 20 years in the Borough.

It includes the planning policies to help achieve this vision. It can do so by identifying locations that are suitable for good growth as well as for conservation and by setting clear guidelines for appropriate land uses, form and design of development. The aim is to achieve good accessible placemaking that protects and improves resident’s health and well-being, provides good quality homes, enhances the economy and environment.

How to take part

To view the relevant material and give your views, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

This consultation will run from Thursday 27 October to Thursday 22 December 2022.

If you have any queries, require a paper copy of the response form or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Planning Team by email at or by phone at  020 7361 3012.


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