Miscellaneous Parking Amendments - February 2021

Closed 24 Mar 2021

Opened 10 Feb 2021

Feedback updated 2 Jun 2021

We asked

We asked for views on a number of parking changes.

You said

There were a total of 52 individual proposals, 23 of these proposals generated a total of 59 objections and 123 comments or letters of support. The details of these objections and the Council’s response to the objections can be obtained by emailing trafficorders@rbkc.gov.uk.

We did

We have made all of the proposals permanent as advertised, apart from S244 (Addison Avenue), S251 (Stanley Crescent) and S268 (Egerton Gardens) which were not-progressed.

Results updated 3 Jun 2021



This consultation relates to various proposed changes to parking, waiting and loading restrictions across the borough.

Why your views matter

Comments on the proposals are invited.

More information on the proposals can be obtained from and comments sent to trafficorders@rbkc.gov.uk before 24 March 2021.


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