Napier Road - Proposed tree planting in parking bays

Closed 22 Dec 2023

Opened 10 Nov 2023

Feedback updated 8 Apr 2024

We asked

Whether the Council should introduce five new trees along Napier Road, in traffic islands within some of the parking bays. The scheme has been proposed following a successful application for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funding by a Holland ward resident.

You said

We received 17 responses to the consultation. Eight responses  were from people who supported the proposals, six  agreed in part with the proposals and three  objected to the scheme.

We did

Following consideration of all the comments received from residents and councillors, the Council has decided to proceed with the scheme to introduce five trees in traffic islands along Napier Road.The scheme has proceeded to detailed design, We hope to construct the traffic islands and install trees later this year.

Results updated 8 Apr 2024



Please read the following information carefully before completing the survey below, by no later than 22 December 2023.

Following a successful application for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funding by a resident of Napier Road, to introduce new trees along the road, the Council is now seeking the views of local residents on the proposals.

A portion of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is to be spent on local priorities; this is called Neighbourhood CIL (NCIL). This is a fund the Council collects from developers and is required to be spent in consultation with local communities in each ward.

The successful NCIL application requested the following:

  • Plant trees on Napier Road, to improve the environment for residents and visitors.

Holland ward councillors Johnny Thalassites, Lucy Knight and Aarien Areti all supported the application and subsequently approved the proposal for consultation.

A comment from your ward Councillors

“Dear resident,

As your ward councillors, we want to increase the number of trees in the ward because we think this improves the local environment. This is why we have worked with local people and Council officers on the proposed design.

The cost would be borne by NCIL funding, which can only be spent on infrastructure in the ward, not service delivery, like social care. On this basis, we think new trees may be a positive contribution to the area and that it is an appropriate use of public funds.

We are interested to hear your views and hope you support the plan.”

Tree planting proposals

The proposal is to introduce five new trees along Napier Road. The trees will be planted in five new traffic islands located at the side of the road, within or at the end of the existing parking bays.

We are planning on introducing three trees on the northwestern side of Napier Road and two trees on the southeastern side. The approximate locations of the new trees and the traffic islands they are planted in are shown in the plan linked below.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

Overall, the trees and their islands will take up around ten metres of residents’ parking and single yellow line – equivalent to the space taken by two parked cars.

The Council is also investigating incorporating a ‘sustainable urban drainage system’ (SuDS), which is an underground water storage system that will collect the surface water running off the carriageway and footway. Some of the water will nourish the trees and any excess is gradually released into the existing drainage system, which will help alleviate flooding during heavy periods of rain. If feasible, the SuDs will be installed at the same time as the trees and islands.

You can view a similar example of recently installed tree planting islands in Harcourt Terrace (SW10). The design in Napier Road may be slightly different, due to a SuDS water storage system under the carriageway, if  feasible.

We understand that some residents may not be happy about losing some space to park along Napier Road, but the carriageway is the only area where we can fit in new trees along the road. The ground underneath the footways is congested with utility service ducts and cables, so it’s not possible to plant the trees in the footway. The loss of parking will be minimal, and we feel that the benefit to residents of the new trees will outweigh the slight reduction in parking, but we would like to hear your views before we decide whether to proceed with the scheme.

Why your views matter

Your councillors are keen to hear your views, so this is the chance for you to have your say on this proposal.

If you would like to support or object to these proposals, or make any other comments in respect of them, please complete the short survey below by 22 December 2023.

The Council’s Director for Transport and Regulatory Services will consider all the comments received, in consultation with Holland ward councillors and the Lead Member for Planning and Public Realm, before deciding on whether to proceed. 

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