Citizens' Panel - Improving our streets: Travel options for Kensington High Street and beyond

Closes 13 Feb 2023

Opened 16 Jan 2023


In 2021 the Council commissioned a report from the Centre for London (CfL) to investigate the changing way residents and visitors get around the borough as the Covid pandemic receded. The Council also sought suggestions about how our streets and places could be adapted to improve walking, cycling and the use of public transport. The report also had a particular focus on Kensington High Street as a primary east-west corridor linking Kensington and Chelsea to other boroughs.

The CfL study concluded that there was a need to improve Kensington High Street, to plan for an anticipated growth in cycling and e-scooter use and provide a more pleasant environment on the High Street.

The study proposed several different approaches that could be taken to achieve these objectives.

Having commissioned CfL to advise us, we want to ask you, as a representative group of residents, for your thoughts on the ideas that CfL came up with. Firstly in general terms and then specifically in relation to Kensington High Street.

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