Queens Gate Gardens - two-way cycling

Closes 27 Jul 2022

Opened 15 Jun 2022


The Council proposes to exempt exempt pedal cycles from the existing one-way traffic systems in Queen’s Gate Gardens:

(1) the northern east to west arm, one-way westbound throughout its whole length;  (2) the eastern south to north arm, one-way northbound between the southern kerb-line of Queen’s Gate Gardens (northern east to west arm) and the northern kerb-line of Queen’s Gate Gardens (southern west to east arm); and (3) the southern west to east arm, one-way eastbound throughout its whole length. Pedal cycles would also be made exempt from the existing ‘no entry’ restrictions in place in relation to those one-way systems which prevent vehicles entering against the flow of traffic.  Please see also the two-way cycling consultation page for further details.

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Why your views matter

Comments on the proposals are invited.

More information on the proposals can be obtained from and comments sent to trafficorders@rbkc.gov.uk before 27 July 2022.

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