Resident Permit Article Changes (December 2022)

Closed 1 Feb 2023

Opened 21 Dec 2022

Feedback updated 8 Mar 2023

We asked

We asked for views on the proposal to make changes to the resident parking permit eligibility criteria and terms and conditions which would reduce unnecessary bureaucracy whilst maintaining the integrity of the scheme.

You said

We had no objections or comments regarding this proposal during the consultation period.

We did

We made the changes to our traffic orders to implement this proposal.


In November 2022, the Lead Member for Planning, Place and Environment approved a Key Decision Report (KDR) proposing changes to the resident parking permit eligibility criteria and terms and conditions which would reduce unnecessary bureaucracy whilst maintaining the integrity of the scheme. You can view the decision of the KDR online.

A number of the proposed changes require a change to the residents’ parking permit system and so can not be implemented until the system is changed. The changes that do not require a change to the residents’ permit system will be implemented as soon as relevant documents have been updated and, where applicable, traffic order changes have undergone the statutory consultation process (assuming the consultations do not result in the proposals being dropped). 

The general effect of the Orders would be:

  • (a) in relation to applications for permits, to remove the limit on the number of passengers a vehicle can carry to qualify as a passenger vehicle and increase the size limits of passenger vehicles and light goods vehicles so that the maximum dimensions would be 220cm wide, 232cm high and 565cm long (an increase of 3.4cm to the height, 16.4cm to the length and no change to the width);
  • (b) when vehicles are hired for less than three months, to issue a residents’ permit to expire on the hire end date; the charge for this permit would be the three-month permit price and would not be refundable;
  • (c) in relation to applications for residents’ permits and residents’ motorcycle bay only solo motorcycle permits, to:
    • (i) remove the requirement to live in the Borough for at least six months each year if a resident is named in Council Tax records (the requirement for the property to be the main, permanent home would remain);
    • (ii) provide that where a fixed term tenancy is used as proof of address, the permit would be valid for the length of the tenancy only;
    • (iii) change the requirement from having a driving licence that is valid in the UK to any non-expired driving licence regardless of country of issue;
    • (iv) allow overseas workers who are in the UK for a set period of time to have a permit for a foreign vehicle, provided an HMRC customs relief form for the vehicle is provided;
    • (v) allow students with their main family home in the Borough to apply for a permit in relation to that home, in addition to any permit issued in relation to their university home; and
    • (vi) provide that six-month permits for non-UK registered vehicles can be issued to new residents who can prove their refugee status, without providing vehicle documents relating to the vehicle or a driving licence;
  • (d) to provide that doctors working in the Borough would no longer be eligible for new residents’ permits or doctors permits. Doctors who are already resident permit holders or doctor permit holders would be able to renew their permit;
  • (e) in relation to the issue of one-month temporary permits, where a replacement vehicle is borrowed from an individual, to no longer require a Vehicle Registration document (V5C) and letter from the owner be provided in order to issue a one-month temporary permit when proof is supplied by a garage or insurer that the vehicle for which the permit was originally issued is being repaired;
  • (f) to require all vehicles that are more than three years old to have a valid MOT, as a condition of use of residents’ parking places. If such a vehicle does not have an MOT then any parking permit or purple badge issued for that vehicle could be withdrawn; and
  • (g) to make certain other clerical changes relating to the application for, issue, granting or withdrawal of and refunds for permits so as to bring the provisions of the relevant Traffic Orders in line with the way in which the permit system currently operates and relating to pay on street tariff areas applicable to Sirdar Road, to reflect the current on-street charges.

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Why your views matter

We would like to know your views on the proposed amendments to permits listed above to inform our decision-making process and ensure your views are considered.

More information on these proposals may be obtained by contacting or by phoning Antoneta Horbury on 020 7361 2094 quoting reference “Resident Permit Criteria”.

Anyone wishing to support or object to any of the proposals or make any other representations in respect of them, should send a statement in writing to that effect, and in the case of an objection, stating the grounds thereof to the Council to quoting reference “Resident Permit Criteria” by 1st February 2023. All support, objections and comments will be reported to the Director of Transport and Regulatory Services and the Director will consult with the Lead Member for Planning, Place and the Environment before deciding on whether or not to proceed with the proposed change. We will advise you of the decision after the consultation is over and the decision has been taken by the Director.


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