Traffic Order S370 - Ifield Road

Closed 27 Jul 2022

Opened 15 Jun 2022


The Council has received requests from residents for secure cycle parking. Residents living in flats experience particular difficulty storing bicycles at home and much existing cycle parking on-street does not offer high levels of security. The proposal is to convert six metres (20ft) of residents’ parking to cycle hangar bays outside Nos. 84 and part of 86 Ifield Road. The bays would accommodate two cycle hangars.

Each on-street cycle hangar unit provides space for six residents’ bicycles. Similar bike hangar spaces in the borough are currently rentable at a cost of £72 per year and if this unit went ahead, the spaces would be available for rent on a first come, first served basis. 

An example of a green bicycle hangar at the kerbsidePictured above is an example of a cycle hangar. The design can differ depending on the outcome of procurement.  

Why your views matter

We are seeking your views on conversion of six metres (20ft) of residents’ parking to cycle hangar bays outside Nos. 84 and part of 86 Ifield Road. This area would accommodate two cycle hangar units. Your comments will help us decide whether to proceed with the proposals as planned.

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This section of residents’ parking is 134 metres (440ft) long with space for 26 cars. Reducing the bay by six metres (20ft) which would provide a total space of 25 cars, would leave two sections of bays of;

  • 53 metres (174ft) which is space for 10 cars,
  • 75 metres (246 ft) which is space for 15 cars .

The highest occupancy level for this bay in the most recent survey in September 2018, was 92 per cent during weekday evenings (two spaces free). Residents’ parking permit numbers have decreased by six percent since the survey was completed.


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