School Street Feedback Survey

Closed 16 Jan 2022

Opened 6 Dec 2021


School Streets temporarily remove motor traffic outside a school by creating timed road closures during school drop off and pick up times. They are a well-established way of helping more families to walk, cycle, scoot or wheel to school. The schemes aim to make our streets safer and more pleasant by reducing congestion and emissions, and improving road safety immediately outside the school gates. 

The Council currently has six School Streets at experimental stage:

  • Burnaby Street and Tetcott Road (Chelsea Academy)
  • Draycott Avenue (Marlborough Primary School)
  • Edge Street (Fox Primary School and Hawkesdown House School)
  • Hans Street (Hill House School)
  • Sedding Street (Holy Trinity C of E School)
  • St Charles Square (All Saints Catholic College)

Now that the schemes have been in place for a number of months, we are seeking feedback from local residents, school staff, parents and carers. 

You can find out more about the schemes at

Why your views matter

Your feedback will help us understand if changes should be made to the schemes at this experimental stage. Please complete our survey using the link below. If you need help to complete this survey, or require it in an alternative format please email

Formal support or objection to the School Street schemes should be made in writing to


  • Brompton & Hans Town
  • Campden
  • Chelsea Riverside
  • Royal Hospital
  • St. Helen's


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