St Helen's Gardens - Proposed Improvements

Closed 20 Jun 2021

Opened 28 Apr 2021

Feedback updated 21 Oct 2021

We asked

We asked for your views on proposals to improve St Helen’s Gardens. The key features of the proposed scheme were:

  • A wider footway with natural stone paving
  • Parking and loading bays on both sides of the road laid in porphyry setts to give a hard wearing and attractive surface
  • Raised tables at all the junctions to help slow traffic and to make it easier for pedestrians to cross, with continuous crossings provided on the side roads
  • A raised informal crossing near the church to help people to cross St Helen’s Gardens
  • Additional planting to help improve air quality, including both new trees and low-level planting, and which could include sustainable drainage
  • New cycle stands
  • Bollards to prevent informal parking on the forecourts
  • A new raised zebra crossing on St Quintin Avenue to assist pedestrians and to help reduce traffic speeds
  • Additional parking bays on St Quintin Avenue to compensate for the reduction in the number of spaces on St Helen’s Gardens

You said

We received 99 completed questionnaires. Of these 79% supported the scheme. We also received 9 separate emails commenting on the proposals and a petition with 23 signatures objecting to the scheme.

Although a significant majority of responses to the consultation supported the scheme it was apparent from the comments that a small number of respondents were unhappy with certain elements – notably the reduction in the number of parking spaces on St Helen’s Gardens and the informal raised pedestrian crossing on St Helen’s Gardens.

We did

To address the concerns we have amended the original scheme to remove the central raised crossing on St Helen’s Gardens to allow the existing parking arrangement to remain. As there will be no loss of parking or loading space on St Helen’s Gardens the additional parking places proposed for St Quintin Avenue be replaced by additional planting on extended buildouts to provide more greenery. We will now be embarking on detailed design of the revised scheme and expect to start work in Spring 2022.

Results updated 21 Oct 2021



The St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum Neighbourhood Plan identified the opportunity for St Helen’s Gardens to act as a focal point for the area and the local community.

In 2018 there was a serious collision at the junction of St Helen’s Gardens and St Quintin Avenue involving a pedestrian. We have also received numerous complaints about traffic speeds on St Quintin Avenue and in the vicinity of St Helen’s Gardens over the years.

We have therefore taken this opportunity to put together proposals to enhance the street and to address the road safety concerns on St Helen’s Gardens itself and on St Quintin Avenue in the vicinity of the junction to help pedestrians and to reduce traffic speeds.

This survey will run for a period of six weeks and will close on 15 June 2021. Your participation in this consultation is voluntary. Should you choose to respond, information about how your data will be processed can be found at the bottom of the questionnaire at the end of this booklet.

What happens next

If the local community is in favour of the proposal we will continue to develop the design and programme the works to start in Autumn 2021. The scheme is likely to take approximately 12 weeks to complete but we will work with residents and businesses to minimise disturbance. If the proposals are rejected, the funds that the council has identified for this project would be used for other highway or environmental schemes elsewhere in the borough.


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