Housing Management Damp and Mould Policy

Closed 16 Jul 2024

Opened 22 May 2024


The Council is introducing an improved approach to dealing with damp and mould in residents’ homes. We know that damp and mould issues in the home can seriously impact residents’ health, well-being and the condition of their homes. The Council therefore wants to take a zero-tolerance approach towards damp and mould and do everything reasonably possible to ensure that residents are safe and healthy at home.

The policy outlines different types of damp in the home that can be found as it is important to understand the different causes of damp as they each require different solutions. The policy also goes through the Council’s responsibilities to tenants, timescales, risk assessing, safeguarding, tenant and leaseholder responsibilities and an advice section.

Damp and mould issues can affect anyone’s home. We would therefore greatly appreciate it if you could take a few moments to read the policy and complete our consultation survey as your input and insights are valuable in shaping the policy.

Please do not use this survey to report damp or mould issues, if you want to report a damp or mould issue please call 0800 137 111, online at https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/contact-us/report-problem by email hm-customerservices@rbkc.gov.uk, or in person at one of four customer service centres: Blantyre, Malton Road, Baseline or Kensington Town Hall. 

Damp and Mould Policy

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Please note, if you or residents you know cannot access the survey online, paper copies are available at customer service centres: Blantyre, Malton Road,  Baseline, Pembroke Road and Kensington Town Hall. If you require assistance in another language or a paper copy of the survey sent to you,  please contact housingconsult@rbkc.gov.uk or call 0800 137 111.

We are also consulting on the Repairs Policy, kindly follow the link to give your views. 


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