Housing Allocations Scheme

Closed 24 Feb 2022

Opened 2 Dec 2021


Our Housing Allocations Scheme sets out the rules for how we allocate housing. It tells you;

  1. Who can apply to go on the housing register
  2. Who gets priority for housing
  3. The size of the property people are eligible to apply for

Why are we updating the Housing Allocations Scheme?

The currenty scheme was introduced in 2014 and a revision introduced in 2017. The current scheme was introduced before the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017 (HRA) and the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The current scheme makes no reference to the Grenfell tragedy and the need to rehouse residents affected by the tragedy. Rehousing policies for residents affected by the tragedy were introduced after the implementation of the current scheme. The Council has, quite rightly, sought to review the way it engages with and supports residents in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy. This includes housing support and the way it allocates social housing. This is one reason why it is important we revise and refresh our Housing Allocation Scheme, reflecting feedback from residents.

The Homelessness Reduction Act led many local authorities to revise their Allocations Policies and introduce ways to support homelessness prevention. The Covid-19 pandemic and the ending of related support, such as the suspension of evictions and the furlough scheme, may impact the housing security of residents. Due to these events, the current scheme is out of date and needs revising.  

As well as this, the gap between the availability of social housing in Kensington and Chelsea and the demand for it means the Council needs to review:

  • Who has the greatest need for a more suitable home
  • How we can try to ensure that residents with different types of need have a chance of being rehoused
  • How we can help residents with different options and solutions
  • How we can help residents make informed decisions about those options.

Why your views matter

The information that you provide will enable the Council to understand your views on the revised Housing Allocations Scheme including matters such as: 

  • Who should be able to join the housing register?
  • What priorities should be included on the register?
  • How much housing should each priority group receive? 
  • How should Priorities be awarded?
  • How should Allocations be made?

In addition to this survey, we will be hosting a number of focus groups where there will be an opportunity to discuss your views on certain topics related to the future Allocation Scheme in more detail.

If you would like to register your interest in attending one of these groups, please email HousingConsult@rbkc.gov.uk.

If you have any queries, require a paper copy of the survey or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Housing Policy Team by email at HousingConsult@rbkc.gov.uk or by phone at  020 7361 2146.


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