Key Worker Housing and Intermediate Housing Policy

Closes 22 Nov 2021

Opened 11 Oct 2021


The Council already has an Intermediate Housing Allocations Policy. This  was published in December 2015. The Council is looking to update this policy and possibly include a provision for the allocation of homes reserved for key workers.

Intermediate housing is affordable housing which is targeted at people who have little chance of accessing low-cost housing (such as social housing), but who are not able to afford to rent or buy a home on the open market.

Key worker housing is a type of affordable housing that is reserved for key workers who provide services to Kensington and Chelsea residents.

Why your views matter

The information that you will provide will enable the Council to establish  the local need of key workers that provide valuable services to the residents of Kensington and Chelsea and who will benefit most from affordable housing  in the borough.

If you have any queries, require a paper copy of the survey or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Housing Policy Team by email at or by phone at  020 7361 2146.

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