Help the Lancaster West estate go carbon neutral

Closed 7 Feb 2021

Opened 27 Nov 2020


The Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team want to help get the estate closer to the goal of becoming carbon neutral (sometimes called or net zero carbon). When we say 'carbon neutral' or ‘net zero carbon’, we mean we're creating a balance in the amount of carbon emitted and the amount of carbon offset from a building or something we do (say cooking, having a shower). Too much carbon in the atmosphere makes the earth get warmer and causes climate change.

In practice, it means that we need energy efficient homes, a renewable and reliable energy supply, lots of green space and sustainable behaviours like recycling and composting.

Why your views matter

We want to understand what your priorities and impacts are for becoming carbon neutral in your homes and the estate. We will use your views to help shape a strategy to make our ambition of becoming carbon neutral on the Lancaster West estate a reality by 2030.


  • Notting Dale


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