Tackling parking facilities misuse on Wandon Road Estate

Closed 31 Jan 2022

Opened 26 Nov 2021


You may be aware that we’ve been working with residents on a solution to the widespread misuse of parking facilities on Wandon Road Estate.

Previous consultations the Council has conducted have been unsuccessful in finding a solution that meets the needs of Wandon Road residents or simply did not receive enough responses for us to be confident residents wanted us to implement the proposed changes.

Residents have asked us to firstly establish a fair system for parking allocation and secondly to provide a better way to enforce parking measures on the estate.

Following extensive engagement with individual residents and resident groups, we are now in a position to share some options that we hope will offer a suitable solution to the parking misuse on the estate. We are seeking your views on these options.

Why your views matter

We would be grateful if you would review the options available and fill in the short survey to let us know your thoughts. Please note this consultation is only open to tenants and freeholders living on Wandon Road Estate and we can only accept one response per household in the interests of fairness.

If you need help to complete this survey, or require it in an alternative format please email vicky.walker@rbkc.gov.uk 

What happens next

What happens next 

After the closing date, we will present the outcome of the survey to the Council’s Director for Housing Management, Doug Goldring, who will make a decision based on the views of the residents who have responded. It is therefore important that we hear from as many residents as possible on these proposals. 


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