Reducing energy consumption on World's End Estate

Closed 8 Jun 2023

Opened 24 Apr 2023


Consultation to reduce energy consumption in your home

With the cost of living crisis we know that many people are facing difficult times and we want to work with you to support you. The price of energy has gone up over the last year and we’re looking at ways to help you reduce your energy consumption. One way to do this is to look at how the communal heating system in your home is used and we’d like your opinion on this.

The increase in energy prices affects everyone across the country. We buy the energy for your heating and hot water in bulk from suppliers to keep the costs down. But, even with this advantage, the energy costs you’ll see in your service charges this year will go up; the estimated unit cost for gas has risen by 229 per cent and electricity by 125 per cent.

How can the Council help?

We can make changes to the way your heating system is managed which will reduce the energy used in the building without compromising your comfort. We have some recommendations about how to do this. 

Reducing the amount of fuel used to heat your home will reduce the amount of energy you pay for. It will also have environmental benefits, minimising the carbon footprint of your building.

What changes do we recommend?

Apart from a few minor issues that are still being addressed at the time of writing, works on the plant rooms and boilers that serve your home have now been completed. This means that we will be able to programme new settings for the heating. 

We believe that making the following changes will help manage the energy consumption in your building while maintaining your level of comfort in your home.

  • Option to change the heating season

The heating service is currently active between the start of October and the end of May. We recommend changing the settings so that the heating is active from mid October until the end of April. This will help save energy consumption over the course of the year. We can override the settings if there’s an unusual cold snap outside the proposed heating season.

  • Option to change the heating hours

Your heating currently operates 24 hours a day. We recommend changing the setting so the heating is turned off between 11pm and 5am. This will save energy consumption over the course of the year.

  • Option to change the heating temperature

The water flowing through your radiators is programmed to react to the temperature outside. It will start heating the water in the radiators when the outside temperature drops below 18°C and get hotter as the temperature outside drops. For example if it is 14°C outside, the water in your pipes will be heated to 51°C ; if it’s 12°C outside the water will be hotter at 64°C .

We recommend adjusting the system so it starts heating when it’s below 17°C outside. The system would still react to external temperatures but heat to a slightly lower level to reduce the amount of energy used.

Other support available

We live in challenging times and your financial circumstances may be changing for any number of reasons. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, there are many ways we can support you to get back on track.

Please don’t wait to ask for advice – we’re here to help you. To discuss any additional help and support you may require, please contact our team by calling 0800 137 111 or emailing

You can also check out our cost of living support hub online at

Why your views matter

Please complete the survey and let us know what you think about our recommendations. After six weeks we’ll review the feedback you’ve sent in and take a decision on the next steps. We’ll write to you to let you know what’s happening.

Please note we can only take into account the views of tenants and leaseholders living on the estate and can only accept one response per household. This exercise focuses on those living on the World's End Estate - we will be rolling out the consultation to other estates that have a communal heating system soon.

If you have any questions, or would like the survey in another language or format, please call on 0800 137 111, email


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