Draft Budget 2023-24 Capital Proposals

Closed 10 Jan 2023

Opened 8 Dec 2022


We need your views on the Council’s budget

The Council’s latest draft budget report for 2023/24 includes proposed fees and charges for next year and an update on the Council’s capital programme.

It is very important that our residents and businesses have a say on this draft budget to help to ensure the Council delivers the Council Plan priorities designed with residents and sets a balanced budget for 2023/24.

This consultation focuses on capital proposals (for example, plans to make investment in infrastructure such as housing, schools or IT/software costs) and the Council’s updated fees and charges for 2023/24 that will be agreed by full Council in March 2023.

Please download and view the full document outlining the capital proposals and the schedule of draft fees and charges before responding to the survey.

A separate consultation on the Council’s revenue proposals is already running alongside this consultation. This focuses on proposals to increase budget in 2023/24 to fund increased service provision, proposed budget reductions and additional income avenues for 2023/24.

Why your views matter

We’d really appreciate it if you can spend a few minutes to complete our consultation survey. Your views at this stage will help to inform our budget decision-making.

If you need help to complete this survey, or need it in an alternative format please email Liam.McCusker@rbkc.gov.uk


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