Customer Access Strategy - User Group Expression of Interest

Closed 8 May 2022

Opened 25 Mar 2022

Feedback updated 24 Aug 2022

We asked

Kensington and Chelsea Council has launched a Customer Access Strategy aimed at improving the experience residents have when they contact us. We are committed to the strategy and to working together to achieve the ambitions in the strategy. We believe in co-design and want to form this user group to listen to the voices of those representative of the borough.

You said

There were a total of 80 expressions of interest from across the borough. Thank you to everyone who expressed their interest in being part of the user group.

We did

The Service Standards Project team selected members of the user group based on the demographic make-up of the borough to ensure the group is as broadly representative as possible. 


Kensington and Chelsea Council has launched a Customer Access Strategy aimed at improving the experience residents have when they contact us, and we want you to be part of it!  

As part of the work to deliver the strategy we would like to work with a user group made up of those who live, work or study in the borough. We want to work together on improving the experience people have when using Council services.

What’s happening?
We are committed to the strategy and to working together to achieve the ambitions in the strategy. We believe in co-design and want to form this user group to listen to the voices of those representative of the borough.

The group will bring together a diverse range of enthusiastic, interested people to firstly work on co-producing Council wide service standards, which set out what ‘good’ service looks like. We’ll also want to hear about the best ways for us to let users know how we’re doing, once the standards are in place.

What will I be doing? 
Members of the group will be asked to attend monthly meetings to identify how best to improve customer service at Kensington and Chelsea, and have a direct role in co-designing standards that the Council will abide by.  

Designing service standards together means we’ll work to identify what’s important to you as a user of our services. We’ll look at how the Council can work towards achieving this consistently and we’ll then collectively draft standards on customer service for the whole Council, based on what you’ve shared. Our aim is to ensure citizens are at the heart of setting our service standards and have a role in determining what they look like and how they’d like to be informed of the progress the Council are making on them.

Each session will involve a series of interactive discussions and activities and refreshments will be made available. Depending on levels of interest, we will not be able to include everyone who applies but will select a sample of people that are broadly representative of our borough.  

After this piece of work is complete, we will ask the user group if they’d like to remain working with us on other topics within the Customer Access Strategy. The user group may go on to look at how residents can be involved in the Council recruitment process, how our telephone and face to face services work for residents, and to provide input on online service development.

When, where and how will the sessions take place? 
The first session will likely take place in May 2022 – this gives enough time to collect as many expressions of interest as possible to establish the members of the user group. The dates, times and location for each session will be communicated with members closer to the time. The sessions will be hosted in person in the first instance, but due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, these could be moved online in the future.  

How long will I be expected to be a member of the Customer Access Strategy user group? 
For the user group, we are asking members to commit to being a member for a minimum of six months. This will allow enough time for the effective co-design of service standards to take place. You will be expected to commit to at least four of the meetings over the six month period.  

What is in it for me? 
Members of the user group will have a pivotal role in designing the service standards that the Council abides by – they will have the opportunity to influence how the Council delivers its customer services moving forward. 

Members of the user group will be given an incentive for contributing to the co-design of the service standards. For the first meeting, this will be a voucher but moving forward, we would like to ensure members of the user group have a say in how they are rewarded. In our first session, we will discuss with members how they would like to be acknowledged for their time and commitment and come to an agreement on the best means for us to do this.  

We are committed to being inclusive with the formation of the CAS user group and recognise there may be some barriers to your involvement. We’ll work with you to overcome these to ensure the group is as diverse as possible.  In recognition of your willingness to contribute, we will be able to support volunteers with issues relating to accessibility, travel and alternative care expenses.

Further information

If you have any questions about the user group, would like to complete the survey over the phone, request a paper copy of the information or require assistance in other languages, please contact the Customer Access Team via phone 02073 612080 or via email (


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