Adults' Emotional Health and Wellbeing Public Consultation

Closed 26 Mar 2021

Opened 1 Feb 2021

Feedback updated 19 May 2021

We asked

Kensington and Chelsea Council has been working with some brilliant grassroot providers under the ‘Together 4 Grenfell’ umbrella to deliver services for adults in the North Kensington community.

With three years of the Grenfell Recovery Programme remaining, we recently launched a consultation to understand people’s views on these services and the broader offer and how we could improve our offer. The consultation ran from 1 February to 26 March 2021.

We received 97 survey responses and 36 stakeholders attended three focus groups.

You said

What you told us

  • 77 per cent were currently using local services to support their emotional health and wellbeing needs
  • 66 per cent were 'very confident' or 'moderately confident' in accessing services
  • 60 per cent felt the services were publicised to varying degrees of effectiveness
  • 92 per cent currently using Together for Grenfell services said they were ‘very good’ or ‘good’
  • 89 per cent using Together for Grenfell services told us their emotional health and wellbeing had ‘significantly improved’ or ‘slightly improved’
  • 50 per cent said that services meet the diverse and cultural needs of the community ‘very well’ or ‘well’
  • 70 per cent told us they would prefer to receive ‘face to face’ support with 49 per cent preferring ‘online’ support

Where we could improve

  • 69 per cent felt ‘emotional health and wellbeing support for young adults’ was an area of need
  • 66 per cent felt ‘support groups’ were needed
  • 57 per cent felt 'support for elders to tackle social isolation and loneliness’ was a gap
  • 40 per cent felt publicity was not effective and therefore improvement required

We did

What’s next

  • A series of recommendations will be discussed by Leadership Team in May
  • We will be looking at an enhanced counselling and wellbeing service for adults
  • We will be offering additional therapy to over 50s to help tackle isolation
  • We will continue with a hybrid of face to face and virtual offers to meet the community’s needs
  • We are developing a peer support programme for adults in the local community to launch in summer 2021

Results updated 19 May 2021



Since the Grenfell tragedy, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has commissioned a range of community based emotional health and wellbeing support services in North Kensington from the voluntary sector for adults. These have included those under the ‘Together for Grenfell’ umbrella of providers offering 1:1 and group counselling and wellbeing support for adults.

The aims of the Together for Grenfell project is to support isolated community members whose emotional health and well-being had been affected by the Grenfell tragedy, targeting community members who did not feel comfortable or able to access mainstream services. The offer is personalised and built around the assessed needs of the local population and individuals. As a result, the key elements of the offer include:

  • culturally appropriate services delivered in languages spoken by the community
  • collaboration and partnership with local partners to integrate culturally appropriate services into the mainstream health offer
  • support delivered in community settings familiar to local residents, at flexible times that suit them

We are now two years into the Council’s five-year Grenfell Recovery Strategy and we are interested in understanding people's views on these services, broader services accessed and planning additional services. This consultation is seeking insight from those who live, work and learn in the borough on how we can:

  • Best deliver the new arrangements under the Together for Grenfell umbrella
  • Deliver new initiatives for adults in the community until 2024, which create opportunities for local people to lead their own support, developing and enhancing existing models of support that help people build resilience through social support networks.

Why your views matter

With the impact of Covid-19 and Grenfell legacy, it remains a challenging time for everyone, so it’s especially important that we get things right and deliver services that are responsive to need. We are keen to build on what we have already heard from our existing providers, partners and service users and your feedback will support this.

Your response to this survey will inform the commissioning, delivery and evaluation of new services for adults in North Kensington.   

This survey will close on 26 March 2021. Your participation in this consultation is voluntary. Should you choose to respond, information about how your data will be processed can be found at the bottom of this form.

The survey has been translated into Arabic and Somali and shared with a range of providers and stakeholders to support the engagement process. If you require a survey in these languages or any other, please let us know on the contact details below.

If you would like to discuss this further, or need assistance in completing your contribution, please contact Hooda Sabbah at (Monday to Friday)  or on 07712 549000 (Monday to Thursday)

Nacera Silarbi, a Counsellor at Al-Manaar, is encouraging (in Arabic) residents in North Kensington to let us know their thoughts on existing provision for adults provided by Together for Grenfell services and develop future services by completing the survey.




Filsan Ali from Midaye explains in Somali how they've been delivering emotional and wellbeing services to adults in North Kensington and how you can have your say on the existing Together for Grenfell services and future services by completing the survey.





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