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Closes 31 Mar 2025

Website Feedback - Questions

We welcome feedback on the Council’s website to ensure it meets the needs of our communities and visitors to the site. This in turn will help us monitor and improve content to be responsive to needs. Please note this survey is anonymous and therefore we are unable to respond directly to comments made.

Please do not use this survey:

  • to enquire about your Council services such as council tax or housing benefit accounts or parking permits.
  • to send us personal information such as contact details, debit or credit card numbers or proof of identify documents

If you wish to report an issue with a specific website page, or a broken link, please visit the ‘Help us improve our website’ page of the Council’s website.

1. Which section of the Council’s website were you visiting?

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2. How was your experience of using the website today?
3. Tell us why you gave us your answer?
4. Is there anything we could do better?