Draft Enforcement Policy

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Closes 19 Jun 2022

Draft Enforcement Policy

1. Overall, do you support the draft enforcement policy?
2. Is the language used in the draft enforcement policy clear and understandable?
3. Do you support the potential sanctions available to Council officers to achieve compliance? The list of sanctions are detailed within Clause 4.3 (pages 10- 16).
4. Do you agree with the graduated approach taken by the Environmental Health when seeking compliance with the policy?

Graduated approach

A graduated approach means that in most circumstances, informal methods are initially adopted, and then gradually escalated to a more serious and formal approach (see clause 2.4 page 5 of the draft enforcement policy). The enforcement sanctions available to officers are set out within Clause 4 (as detailed above). 

5. If you have any further comments on the draft enforcement policy, please explain in the comment box below.