Draft Rent Income and Arrears Policy

Closed 30 Apr 2021

Opened 18 Jan 2021

Feedback updated 21 Oct 2021

We asked

For tenants views on a new draft income and arrears policy.

You said

A total of 25 responses were received to the consultation. 

  • Over half (14) responding supported the draft policy
  • Nearly half (12) indicated that they felt the policy gives adequate consideration to tenants' needs

We did

  • We have created a Financial Inclusion Team consisting of two Welfare Advisors and two Tenancy Sustainment Officers who are able to support our most vulnerable tenants more intensively
  • We place more emphasis on personal contact, especially by telephone and face to face, rather than sending arrears letters
  • All tenants who struggle financially are able to negotiate a payment plan with their Income Officer
  • We work in partnership with Citizens Advice, Crosslights and Step Change to assist tenants with their finances and budgeting advice
  • We are already offering a self service portal, where tenants can access their rent account.  We are currently working on improving the portal and hope to increase the uptake.
  • Where there is a genuine disrepair claim, the Council will offset any resulting compensation against the rent arrears

Results updated 2 Jul 2021



We have written a draft rent income and arrears policy and want to hear your views about it.

The draft policy will guide how the Council approaches rent collection and responds to rent arrears.

The interventions and actions in this draft policy include: 

  • providing a holistic service to those having genuine difficulty paying their rent
  • acting early and using preventative measures to assist tenants to maintain their tenancies
  • making realistic repayment arrangements with tenants in rent arrears
  • collecting as much rent as possible to keep rent increases as low as possible
  • pursuing “wilful non-payers” and fast tracking them for legal action, including eviction
  • using all appropriate legal remedies to recover any debt owed to us.

Rental income helps to pay for maintaining and improving homes, providing housing services, and giving residents in need support where necessary.

Please read the full Draft Rent Income and Arrears Policy before completing the questionnaire.

Why your views matter

We are keen to gather and understand the views of those impacted by the draft policy. If you or someone you know requires the consultation materials or questionnaire in another format or language you can contact the service on 07812 484173 or housingconsult@rbkc.gov.uk


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