Emslie Horniman Pleasance - Mural

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Closes 27 Feb 2023

Emslie Horniman Mural - Vote Now

These are the three design proposals for the Emslie Horniman mural:

Design Proposal A: “Bugs, Beatles and Butterflies of Kensington” by Paprika Skala-Williams

Bugs, Beatles and Butterflies

Design Proposal B: “Our children are Our Rising Stars” by Junior Tomlin

Design Proposal C: “Unity Through Pattern” by Lucy Oates


Find out more about the artists and their designs

About Paprika
Paprika is a local mum of 2 growing boys, a regular attendee of all the North Ken playgrounds. As a Ceramic Design graduate and Grenfell tower neighbour, she engaged the community in Silent Art @Grenfell Art Relief. (An ongoing self-funded ceramic offering hearts mandala-making workshops) her mission is to support the local arts, ecology, and education.

Artist Statement
I’d like to invite families to make botanical observations of the park and its surroundings. Children see more and nature should be our inspiration. Bugs, beetles, and butterflies reside in the Horniman Park. My design is a warm wrapping foliage backdrop for created together ceramic pieces to add to the painted fauna picture. What adds value to my proposition is the actual engagement of the playground attendees.


About Junior
Local artist, Junior, was the founding member of the London cartoon workshop. His numerous artworks include covers for dance labels, rave posters, and dance music. He worked for Panini, known for its football stickers, licensed to produce Marvel comics in the UK, with Junior creating the digital colouring on a variety of comics including Spiderman, Transformers and Actionman.

Artist Statement
My design encapsulates historical and social aspects of the borough. Every child is a star – they are a constant reminder of where we all started, so I wanted to show that in my proposal. In addition, I included musical symbols to reference the rich cultural heritage of our community. My proposal is to invite local children to add their handprints to the final mural painting.


About Lucy
Lucy is a mural artist from West London. She studied and completed her MA at the Royal College of Art. In 2020 Lucy was awarded the Chelsea Arts Club Trustee Award which has enabled her to facilitate printmaking and mural workshops in London.

Artist Statement
Key themes that resonated with me from the public consultation notes were a theme of unity and kindness, the heritage of the area, songs/dancing, and lastly inspirational quotes. I felt it was appropriate to include a green heart in reference to Grenfell, but for this not to be the main aspect of the mural. My main aim of the mural is to display unity, positivity and movement.

For full descriptions and supporting images please visit KCAW where full designs are listed.

1. Which playground mural design are you voting for? (only one selection allowed and one vote per person. You must also live in Golborne ward to vote, votes from outside the area will not be counted.)