Emslie Horniman Pleasance Playgrounds Refurbishment

Closes 21 Oct 2021

The Large Playground

Photo of the entrance to the large playground with the gates closed.

More photos of the large playground


Photo of the mound with climbing logs and play tunnel.

Phot of the pirate ship themed play equipment.

A photo of the swings in the playground which include flat swings, basket swings and a birds nest swing.

Photo of the multicoloured Snake Alphabet image painted onto the surfacing of the large playground

1. How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the current playground?
2. What type of material would you like the equipment to be made from? (Select all that apply)
3. What colours would you like to see throughout the playground, for example on the equipment and surfacing? (Select all that apply)
4. Which of the following themes would you prefer to see in the playground? (Select all that apply)
5. Do you think the large playground has the correct amount of seating and benches?
6. Would you like to see the canopy (covered area) features within the playground remain?

Photo of canopy in the large playground

Photo of canopy in the large playground

7. Which types of playground equipment would you like to see included in the playground? (Select all that apply)

Images of the options listed

Learn and Play

A chalk board with additional learning games such as a clock and number board.

Balancing Equipment

Balancing steps on wooden poles for children to walk across.

Seesaw Equipment

An example of a seesaw, with wooden seats at either end of a metal frame.

Sculpture Features

A wooden sculpture of an owl in a playground.

Dynamic/Spinning Equipment

A circular roundabout with seats made of wood and metal.

Swings (Basket/Flat/Bird Nest)

A wooden frame with two basket swings for toddlers.

A wooden frame with a bird nest swing which is a big circle with netting in the middle to sit on.


A rectangular trampoline which has been sunken into the ground.

Multi-Unit/Climbing Frames

A wooden climbing frame with climbing nets and a slide.

Rocking/Springer Equipment

A bee made of wood on top of a large coil.

Sand Pit/Box

A wooden box filled with play sand.


A metal slide on a mound of artificial grass.

8. Would you like to see improvements to the entrance gates and perimeter fencing?

Images of the entrance gates and perimeter fencing

Entrance gate to the large playground

A photo of the entrance gate to the large playground.

Perimeter fencing

A photo of the perimeter fencing of the large playground.



9. If you have any other comments about the large playground, please type them in the comment box below.
10. Do you support including a mural within the playground to celebrate local artistry?