Parking Policy on Council Estates

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Closes 28 Apr 2023

Proposed changes to Parking Policy

1. Do you agree with converting a limited number of existing parking bays into electric charging points?
2. Would you agree to us trying to reduce costs to Council tenants and leaseholders on estates by allowing other Kensington and Chelsea residents limited access to the charging points?
3. Would introducing electric charging bays on your estate encourage you to purchase an electric car or swap to a vehicle with lower emissions?
4. In principle, do you agree with banded CO2 emissions-based parking charges?

More information on parking charges

The current pricing system is based on 16 different pricing bands, depending on where in the borough you live and whether you are a council tenant or leaseholder. You can find current charges online at

We want to change the way we price our parking permits to carbon-based calculations as many other boroughs do. This would mean that the amount of carbon your car emits would determine how much you pay.

5. Please let us know if you have any other feedback about the proposed changes.
6. Where are you responding from?
7. Do you currently park in a Council estate car park?
8. Would you like to be emailed with the results of this consultation? If so, please tick the box below: