Parking for key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic (experimental provisions)

Closed 5 Nov 2020

Opened 5 Jun 2020

Feedback updated 19 Oct 2021

We asked

For views on the experiment to introduce provisions for key workers, whose vehicle details are registered with the Council, to park in pay on-street parking places and residents parking places as follows: (a) with no maximum stay period in pay on-street parking places; (b) at the existing charge rates in pay on-street parking places, capped at £15 per day; and (c) for a charge of £15 per day to park in residents’ parking places.

You said

We received no objections or comments to this proposal.

We did

We have implemented this experimental order to continue indefinitely.

Results updated 19 Oct 2021



From 5 June 2020 there will be experimental provisions to facilitate parking for key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling authorised vehicles belonging to other authorised essential workers (as determined by the Director for Transport and Highways) to park in pay-by-phone visitor parking bays by establishing a payment cap and abolishing the maximum stay requirements on all pay-by-phone bays for vehicles authorised by the Council to park in the Borough. If the need arises, these workers would also be able to park in residents’ parking bays on payment of a flat fee, but this will not be rolled out initially and would be kept under review if brought in.

Why your views matter

To gather feedback on how the provisions are working in practice


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