Resident Parking Permit Improvements

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Closes 23 Jan 2022

Virtual (paperless) parking permit

Virtual Permits were introduced as a temporary measure to assist residents during the covid-19 pandemic and are still in operation today. They have brought many benefits to residents, and they have reduced the need for residents to have to spend time waiting for a permit to arrive by post or needing to travel into our face to face service to collect their physical permit. Due to all the benefits achieved, the Council would like to make Virtual (paperless) Permits a permanent fixture.

Please note, this means that there will not be a requirement to display a physical permit from the vehicle. It is important to note that this proposal does not involve removing any communications channels for obtaining a permit, such as postal application or face to face services, from the Customer Service Centre.

1. We want to ensure anyone can contribute towards this consultation. However, as residents who have a parking permit will be most affected by these proposals, we will give more weight to the responses by residents who have a current permit as they will be most affected by the proposal.

If you have a residents’ parking permit, please let us know your vehicle registration number below. 

2. Do you support the permanent adoption of the virtual (paperless) parking permits?
3. As part of the proposal, we want to ensure that permit holders who want to place a permit in their vehicle are still able to do so if they wish. Do you think we should:
4. Do you support the Council in making Resident Permit Services easier to access online in future?
5. If you have any further comments about the introduction of virtual (paperless) parking permits, or anything else related to parking permits, then please explain in the comment box below.