Installation of Electronic Communication Apparatus on Residential Blocks

Closed 18 Sep 2020

Opened 10 Aug 2020


The law has made it easier for telecommunications operators to gain access to buildings to install and upgrade their apparatus. The Council has received requests from telecommunications operators to install electronic communication apparatus on various buildings and has limited legal power to object. Buildings affected are:

  • Chesterton Square
  • High Lever, 69 St Quintin Avenue
  • Lowerwood Court
  • Milmans House
  • Nottingwood House
  • Raymede Tower
  • Treverton Tower
  • Walnut Tree House

The telecommunications operators must seek permission to gain access to these buildings, but if an agreement cannot be reached with the owner or occupier, the code allows them to apply to the court to impose an agreement. This will give the operator a right to access the building, which is binding on the owner or occupier of the building. In other words, they can get a court order to allow them access.

Why your views matter

We have had considerable feedback from previous engagement with residents indicating that they are concerned about unsupervised electronic communications apparatus on roof tops.

A consultation was launched with residents and those with an interest in the buildings affected to seek views on whether the Council should object to applications made by telecommunications operators to install new electronic communications apparatus on the roofs of residential blocks.

We will consider views when deciding whether to object to their requests for access to residential blocks and whether to resist legal challenges from them.

This consultation closed on 18 September 2020.

What happens next

Survey results will be shared with residents and used to inform further conversations and engagement sessions later this year. These will help the Council have a deeper understanding of how services can meet your needs.


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