Notting Dale Future Neighbourhood 2030

Closed 28 Feb 2023

Opened 30 Aug 2022

Feedback updated 13 Apr 2023

We asked

We asked for views on the environmental issues that are most important to residents in Notting Dale, and what environmental projects and improvements residents would like to see in the area for Phase 2 of the Notting Dale Future Neighbourhoods 2030 programme.

We also asked residents which Future Neighbourhoods 2030 programme theme was most important to them and how they would like to be involved in helping to deliver and co-design the programme.

You said

  • Poor Air quality was the most chosen environmental issue, with 64 per cent of respondents selecting this option (base 29).
  • Energy inefficiency in homes/buildings was the second most selected issue (61 per cent), followed by lack of green spaces (57 per cent) and the effects of extreme weather and temperature events (54 per cent).
  • You would like to see projects that provide more green space and make space for nature in Notting Dale (11 comments, base 21).
  • Creating a Cleaner and Healthier Notting Dale and Fabric first: Notting Dale Goes Net Zero were the highest-ranking themes of the programme, with 34 per cent and 36 per cent of people ranking them the most important themes respectively (Base 29).
  • A total of 18 per cent of respondents wanted to be part of a Community Steering Group to support the Notting Dale Future Neighbourhoods 2030 programme (base 57). Other respondents would like to be kept updated about the programme online and via email (base 23).

We did

  • As part of the second round of the Mayor of London’s Future Neighbourhoods funding, 12 key environmental projects/initiatives will be delivered, addressing the key environmental issues flagged by residents such as poor air quality, lack of green spaces, energy inefficiency in homes etc.
  • These will include, projects such as the Greening Notting Dale Ward will focus on improving access to nature and increases green spaces such as Greening Grenfell Walk, Nottingwood House Nature Garden, Lancaster Green Solar Parklet, Kingsnorth House Kitchen Garden Expansion. Three community kitchen gardens will be created and improved.
  • The Social Cycling Programme will be extended and cycling training together with community bike rides and Cycling Trainer and Bike mechanics qualifications will be available for residents.
  • We have established a Community Steering Group to help support the co-design process for the Future Neighbourhood vision and broader programme and have extended invites to those who expressed an interest to be part of it in this survey.
  • We are setting up a Notting Dale Future Neighbourhoods 2030 newsletter and project website to keep residents updated about the programme and the environmental activities/projects online and via email.
  • We have created a new survey to continue to receive feedback and ideas from residents to help shape the long-term environmental strategy of the programme and to identify potential environmental projects for Phase 3 round of funding. Please head to to continue to be involved in co-designing the programme and the strategy. (Please note this survey link will be live until 25 May 2023).

Results updated 13 Apr 2023



Notting Dale is one of only two neighbourhoods in London that has been selected as part of the Mayor of London’s Future Neighbourhoods 2030 programme. 

30 initial projects are already underway delivering benefits to local residents in Notting Dale, with the opportunity for more to secure funding in the months ahead, and leave a sustainable and positive legacy.

Notting Dale Future Neighbourhoods 2030 focuses on five key themes centred around retrofitting, energy supply, health and wellbeing, nature recovery and green skills that will help to secure sustainable and inclusive growth of Notting Dale up to 2030 and beyond. 

Why your views matter

We are inviting everyone in Notting Dale to share their views, ideas and aspirations about the local area on how to make Notting Dale greener, what will make a difference to the community, and what you want to see happening in the neighbourhood.

If you require a paper copy of the survey or require assistance in other languages, please contact us by email 


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