Temporary Accommodation Storage Charging Policy

Closes 11 Dec 2023

Survey Questions

1. Do you currently have items in storage with the Council?
2. If you are currently using the service, if a charge is introduced, what impact would this have on you and your family?
3. If the charges are introduced, what will you do?
4. With regards to providing a removals service (including taking items into/out of storage) the Council is proposing to consider a reduced/nil charge for residents who are moving from temporary accommodation due to measures outside of their control.

Residents who are fleeing domestic abuse.

Residents where the Landlord is requesting the return of their property.

Residents who are moving due to their home being confirmed as unsuitable by the Housing, Health and Disability Team.

Do you support this approach?

5. Are there any other groups that should be considered for this discount?